Web Design

Here are a few of the sites I built in the past. I use Dreamweaver really the rest of the Adobe CC Suite. I try to stay current with the latest scripting tools and try not to let that limit my designs. I am also very versed in CMS style web sites like WordPress and the alike. PS I love the Way Back Machine web site.

Interstate Batteries Career Opportunity Web Site. It has changed since my design was up but they used it for about 4-5 years! Hey wait? Who’s that handsome guy at the bottom?


NASCAR Sponsorship web site for #18 Interstate Batteries Car. This was an awesome project to get to work on. I got to go multiple races and even meet the owner and race car driver. It was built with Dreamweaver and a bunch of code and script typing.

Here is a Square Space site I setup. Those are fun because all the coding is pretty much done for you already!

If you are in to vintage dragsters then this is the guy for you.


Oh man! Check out this site. This was the 1st site I built for my self around 2001. It have a few Flash clips in it and I thought I was a bada**.

Ah then there was this one. This is about the time I switched to WordPress. I really like this version but alas it crashed. I used this one for a looooooong time.