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Posted by Zumo On May - 1 - 2017
2017 Waxahachie Indian Baseball

2017 Waxahachie Indian Baseball


Posted by Zumo On May - 3 - 2013


I have been working with Complete Logo Source for a few years now providing them with some alternative T-shirt designs to help give there customer more options. Here a few I have put together for them.  Some made it to print and some didn’t.


“Hot Rods For Life”

Posted by Zumo On March - 4 - 2010

67/68 Truck ShirtHere is a shirt design I recently updated from a few years back. It was mostly made for fellow truck enthusiests over at The original didn’t have the pinstriping or the word “Trucks”. I got a little flack from some folks about if a pickup could even be considered a true “Hot Rod” in the traditional sense of the label. I don’t care. I understand the definitions and can appreciate the concept, but all I am talking about here are guys who like to “soup-up” their trucks. Enjoy. I have a few of these left for sale in limited sizes so e-mail me for info.


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