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Blue Label

Posted by Zumo On March - 31 - 2010

75This one is pretty cool I think. The original one I created was a different color. This one should remind you have a whiskey bottle label. I used a lot of the elements you see on other labels. I thought this would transition nicely to a more masculine design

3 Ring Circus…

Posted by Zumo On March - 31 - 2010

This invite was for a circus themed party. I tried to mimic an old circus poster.

Professional work…

Posted by Zumo On March - 4 - 2010

Apartment BrochureI have been fortunate enough to turn what used to be a hobby into a career. It is pretty cool to be able to go to a day job and do this type of work and then to come home and enjoy it as well. The brochure pictured is something I created in the past.

Royal Assembly Brochure Design

Posted by Zumo On March - 4 - 2010

Royal Assembly Here is a design I did for a company so they could quickly print out and give to customers or potential customers. They wanted a “vintage” look to it and this is what we came up with. All the images were given to me by them so that helped a lot and I tried to incorporate them the best I could. I also setup a website for them as well. Visit their website:

“Pablo Loco”

Posted by Zumo On January - 18 - 2010


Let’s get things started. This is a personal piece I did for myself. It’s an illustration of an exsiting car but I changed the color and added a “driver. This is something I have printed and will frame for my self.

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