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Posted by Zumo On May - 3 - 2013


I have been working with Complete Logo Source for a few years now providing them with some alternative T-shirt designs to help give there customer more options. Here a few I have put together for them.  Some made it to print and some didn’t.


Retro BMX Concept Design

Posted by Zumo On May - 3 - 2013

My retro concept design for a BMX bike.

My retro concept design for a BMX bike.

I have always thought it would be cool to be able to “build” my own bikes. The bike below is based on a lot of the old school 70’s BMX bikes like the Mongoose and Red Line bikes. I like that era to most for some reason. I guess its because its when it all began. This of course would be the same build quality as those bikes and have that same retro look. I picked the name Xerces just because it sounds cool to say it, plus I used a cross or 4 point star on different areas of the bike and thought something with “X” in it would be cool.

This was designed with Adobe Illustrator

Here are a few more variations:

Stick’m Up!

Posted by Zumo On June - 23 - 2011


Well not your arms but stickers! Decals rather, made from vinyl. We recently got some new equipment and I thought I would test it out. I design logos all the time and always get asked if I can make decals  or shirts out of them and I usually tell them I couldn’t or referred them elsewhere. Now I can! I will be doing small t-shirt runs and anything else you can do with vinyl like signs, window lettering and more.

See you thought vinyl went out with the avocado green washer and dryers huh?

I’m on a BOAT!

Posted by Zumo On September - 21 - 2010

MIASFI know cheesy post title. This post was made possible by water; without it, there would be no boats. Without boats, there would no need for the Miami Industries Association of South Florida and no need for them to get a new logo design. Ok, again, sorry. So here it is, their previous design was a little  bland and had no pizazz. It had an illustration of a boat dock tie-down in it. Pfffft! I know right? Never fear I am here to help. They wanted something more “wavy” and wavy is what we came up with. Again, thank you water.

Sergeant SMASH!!

Posted by Zumo On August - 19 - 2010


For this design I was able to create an invite for a little guy who is turning 3. Lucky for him Sergeant SMASH will be attending his birthday to ensure a “smashing” good time. Ok I know corny, anyway for this one I was provided a photo of the Sarg. and I looked to the likes of the Moster Jam franchise  for inspiration. Creating something for this is pretty much a no-brainer. I know it needs edgy graphics and lots of color with some “monster” fonts and then smash them all together. I hope you guys enjoy it. This was created in Illustrator and the truck was clipped out with photoshop.

Pipeline Pete

Posted by Zumo On June - 27 - 2010


Pipeline Pete will be a mascot for a trucking company safety program. He is a concrete pipe and will help promote safety anyway he can.

Blue Label

Posted by Zumo On March - 31 - 2010

75This one is pretty cool I think. The original one I created was a different color. This one should remind you have a whiskey bottle label. I used a lot of the elements you see on other labels. I thought this would transition nicely to a more masculine design

3 Ring Circus…

Posted by Zumo On March - 31 - 2010

This invite was for a circus themed party. I tried to mimic an old circus poster.

Magnum Transportation

Posted by Zumo On March - 5 - 2010
Magnum Transportation, Inc.

Magnum Transportation, Inc.

I was commisioned to create a logo for another company. These guys already had an idea and sketch of what they wanted. They just needed someone to make their idea come alive. This will be on the side of those sand trucks in the DFW area so if you see one you’ll know where it came from. Also stay clear of those trucks for your benefit and theirs.

Art and Illustration

Posted by Zumo On March - 4 - 2010

Model AIf you have any need for illustration design I can either create it for you or help you locate something for your needs. The designs I do the most tend to be for car related projects like logos and flyers for car shows. 

This Model A pictured here is something I’d like to build one day. It’s a good example of an illustration. Something like this illustration could be made for print as well and given as a gift. Z

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