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Posted by Zumo On January - 19 - 2012
Chevy Concepts

Chevy Concepts

The Detroit Auto Show recently brought to our attention 2 new concepts Chevrolet is working on targeting youth buyers, I think. Although they are nice looking they still seem to be missing the mark, for me anyway.  The CODE 130R looks like they tried to re purpose a new Camaro into a smaller car.  Didn’t they do this with the Camaro and Vega back in the 70’s? The other car they introduced, the TRU 140S, although looks cool and I really love the front’s aggressive looks, the shape of the care as a whole reminds me of a current Mitsubishi Eclipse.




I smushed them together. I took the front of the 140 and the rear of the 130. Oh and added new rims ’cause I just do things like that.

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